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Work at Lou's!

Lou’s is a special place. Employees, former employees, customers, vendors, and spectators hold a special place in their heart for this wonderful institution. Other than our space, Lou’s isn’t a tangible thing. Lou’s is the memory of great food and the recollection of caring service or a meal with friends.

With that said, the live by the following virtues:


An emphasis of team over self. Sharing credit and defining success collectively rather than individually. Humility can also be thought of as modesty, respectfulness, and unpretentiousness. It’s being the ultimate team player and a quiet professional.


Being kind and generous in all our dealings, and doing the right thing even if no one is looking. Using your judgement to be fair and honest, even when it may not be in your best interest. Taking care of each other and being thoughtful. Being sympathetic to others’ situation. Knowing how the things that you say and do will be received. Being responsible and considerate citizens of the environment and our community.


Being accountable for yourself, and for the people and things around you. Taking the initiative to fix something that is broken, even if it isn’t your “job”. Seeking and exploiting opportunities to make Lou’s a better place to dine and to work. Actively soliciting feedback to continuously improve and grow. Courageously giving honest feedback to your colleagues and holding them accountable to our standards.


Doing what needs to be done—as well as it can possibly be done. Bringing your personal best to work for the purpose of helping the Lou’s team achieve superior results. Demonstrating a hunger to learn even more about yourself, your profession, and our world. Going the extra mile to ensure that our space is clean, our food is delicious, and our interactions bring joy.



If you think that our virtues fit well with your virtues, we encourage you to apply. Please either come into the store and meet with one of our leaders, or send an email to for more details.

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