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Since 1947



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Our Story

On the heels of World War II, the nation was in the midst of great change. Innovation and invention would replace the inconvenience and unspeakable loss and destruction suffered through the previous decade. Veterans of the war, and the families that supported them would usher in a new, booming era. Optimism was high, and entrepreneurship was on the rise.

Hanover, NH, nestled among the White Mountains and banks of the Connecticut River, was no different. One man in particular had ambition, and a vision. A recently discharged U.S. Marine veteran of the pacific theatre, Lou Bressett was ready for his next mission. With only a little borrowed start-up capital, he set out to improve Hanover in a small way. He invested in a failing restaurant on Main Street, realizing a dream of operating his own coffee shop and full-service bakery. On April 11th, 1947, Lou opened his doors and welcomed the community with the smell of freshly baked doughnuts and cinnamon buns, and the steam of freshly brewed coffee.

Lou’s has remained a staple of the Upper Connecticut River Valley since that day. After 33-years, Lou passed the institution on to Bob Watson, a Dartmouth graduate who had done business in Mexico and returned to Hanover to raise his family. Mr. Watson brought authentic Mexican flavors to the menu—many of which are still on the menu today. In 1992, Mr. Watson sold Lou’s to Toby and Pattie Fried. Toby, an engineer-turned-pastry-chef, put Lou’s bakery on the culinary map, and introduced many Austrian and German entrees and desserts that locals look forward to each Octoberfest.

In 2018, after 27 years, Toby and Pattie turned Lou’s over to Jarett and Cailin Berke, the next generation of owner/proprietor in a symbolic passing of a giant golden cruller at a small ceremony with the staff. Jarett, like Lou, is also a U.S. Marine veteran of foreign conflict. Along with the Chef, Will McCartney; Pastry Chef, Jaime Reyes; and General Manager, Craig Morley; the Lou’s ownership and management team plans to continue to embrace the from-scratch, locally sourced modern diner cuisine and service that has made Lou’s so successful over the years.


30 S Main St

Hanover, NH 03755


Restaurant: 6:30am to 3pm Daily

Bakery: 6:30am to 5pm M-Sa

6:30 to 3pm Sundays

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